• In the second half of the 19th century, the former Becker sawmill was a flourishing business in the region and an important employer for the community of St. Thomas and the region. After the company ceased operations in the 1980s, the premises were unused for years

  • In 1996 Alois Enders founded the timber business and began the structured reconstruction of the factory site..

  • After the first successful business years, the company was 2006 re- named to Sägewerk Alois Enders GmbH & CO. KG in 2006..

  • In 2013 , shareholder Christoph Klankert strengthened the company management, which from then on consisted of the company founder and shareholder Alois Enders, procurator Hedi Enders and shareholder Christoph Klankert .

  • In the following years , Sawmill Enders distinguished itself through constant investments in buildings and technical equipment. The work processes were and are permanently optimised and the company's own energy supply with renewable energy expanded. Today, the company has established itself as an innovative and efficient business in the industry and can consistently hold its own in the market.